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A Temperature Controlled Cold Storage environment with stable temperature is of utmost importance for maintaining the highest quality and maximizing the life of your products. At Shreejee Cold Storage, we ensure optimal product temperatures depending upon the commodity needs.
Compressor in Cold storage

Temperature has always been the most important factor for determining food quality and safety. This is why, the temperature controlled cold supply chain for refrigerated processing and storage is of paramount importance for guaranteeing safety, quality and the extended shelf – life of the commodities. Also, a proper temperature control helps for achieving an economical use of energy in the cold storage sector. The premium rule from the viewpoint of the product safety and quality is that, the storage temperature must be maintained as constant as possible. 

At Shreejee Cold storage, we mainly store grains, dry fruits, spices, jaggery, dates, pulses and non resperate produce. These units are normally insulated and are well equipped with the ventilation and heating, or also air conditioning for the great temperature stability. Depending upon the location of the unit and the products that needs to be stored, both high and low temperature is kept. The temperature can vary accordingly, and is completely different from normal room temperatures. Here, at Shreejee Cold Storage, a uniform temperature is maintained throughout the unit in minimal power consumption. We ensure uninterrupted operation and the noiseless functioning while maintaining the freshness of the goods stored till they reach the customer.

Extra Facilities

Logistics Services

Tie up with transport vehicle owners for retail delivery of goods.

Reliable Services

Many sortex plants are available nearby, for cleaning and packing of the products.

Weighbridge Facility

Computerized Weighbridge Facility available (capacity of 80 metric tons).

Finance Facility

We provide finance against Collateral or goods stored in coldstorage.

Fumigation facility

At Shreejee, we ensure the safety of the products stored by providing the Fumigation facility when required.

About plant & Machinery

Operation of plant and machinery is carried out with fully automatic PLC based system (Programmable Logic Controller) which creates minimum or no human interference.
Plant can be operated by a touch screen panel board or a mobile phone.
Our cold storage is equipped with energy saving system (solar panels) with capacity of 58 Kilo Watts at roof of the building.
We have installed Heavy Japanese compressor “MYCOM MAYEKAWA” in plant which provide consistent cooling to products in cold chambers.
Feature of humidity control is available in cold chambers for moisture control and preservation of perishable products.
Here, Ammonia based pumping is used in the chambers which is the best and oldest refrigerants in cold storage and is also environment friendly in nature.
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